Monday, 29 December 2008

Mixed Media Monday - Open

The theme this week is "What You Loved Doing in 2008" well as someone still very new to working in mixed media, what I loved doing was experimenting, learning and doing new things and so I am entering this little jewellery box made for the girlfriend of one of my nephews. It is my first altered wooden box and started life as a plain wood box, I painted it pink - she is a very pink girl - then added tissue paper stamped also in pink to the sides, the top is stamped with melted pearl utee and pearls and my first experiment with some fusible film in the top left corner. The whole was then covered in Stewart Gill Galactica paint for sparkle. The inside of the lid is painted and stamped and the inner lined with velvet. It is her Christmas present but she has not seen t yet so hope she likes it.

Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Mixed Media Monday - Gold

I love making clocks and this is a gift for a friend for Christmas. The background is gold acrylic paint with Stewart Gill Alchemy resistance paint over the top and cling film wrinkled. You can't really see the lovely two tone shimmer the resistance paint produces on the photo unfortunately.

Sunday, 14 December 2008

Sunday Postcard Art - Bright Colours

This was blogged a couple of weeks ago as it is a piece I made to go in an exhibition of 6 x 4 pieces but it;s lovely bold red meant it fit this weeks SPA. The background is acrylics done in layers with music and image transfers.

Saturday, 6 December 2008

Saturday Workout - Sparying & SPA - Fairies

This piece was blogged in my last entry but I am putting it separately again here as for SaWo. The background is made from Sticky Fingers spray inks with stamping and embossing. I love working with spray inks and watercolours as it is possible to get lovely pooling of colour. The image is from Digital Collage Sheets

Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Pieces for an Exhibition

My DH works in an arts organisation and heard about an open exhibition, all work would be accepted in any medium but it had to be 4 x 6 inches and there was a charge of £10 per four entries. DH who is a photographer decided to put 4 photos in and talked me into putting some work in as well.

I did 9 pieces for us to select none or more from and in the end he has talked me into putting 8 in, one fell by the wayside simply because it is on unstretched canvas so flops a bit. Some are re-working of other pieces some are new. I am feeling very nervous abut it all as I am so new to working in mixed media of any sort and this feels like a VERY BIG THING to do but I decided I would only learn and get better if I forced myself to do things that scare me, so I'm considering it a learning experience. Anyway here are the pieces, though at this point I only actually feel I like 1 of them. .