Saturday, 26 June 2010

Frida Shrine

For a swap on Zuzu's Forum, we altered little flat metal hangy houses. Actually these were lovely wee things before did anything to them. Anyway, me being perverse I had to turn it upside down, then added some texture, paint, beads, embossing powder and a fan to turn my house into a Frida shrine.


Zuzu's Blog said...

its very tactile and very shrine like .. I know this cus i announced it was like a shrine before i came here and saw it on your blog .. lol.. thank you moira.. i love frida.. i love shrines and Mexican folk art. this suits me very well.

craftimamma said...

Love all the texture on here Moira. Great idea to flip it and love the little hangy bit at the bottom.

Lesley Xx

Gillian said...

I love how you have used the metal house in such a different way, what a fab Frida shine Moira x

kjjc said...

this is stunning. Love it.